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About Fire Department SIM Solutions?

Fire Department SIM Solutions is the creative convergence of over two decades of fire service experience and instruction partnered with movie studio cinematography and visual effects artistry to bring the Fire Service the first web-based, ultra-realistic and learning science based solution to simulation learning. We began this journey with a single mission; provide the highest quality simulation product to every firefighter across the nation. We priced this product to reflect that commitment to never forget where we came from and what our true motivation is.

About Us


About Nick Landry

Nick Landry began his career with San Bernardino Co. Fire in 1999 eventually retiring early in the endeavor to launch Fire Department SIM Solutions as a Division Chief of Training from the Eagle Fire District in 2020. With a passion for training throughout his career pursuing multiple advanced degrees in Organizational Performance and Workplace Learning and Learning Sciences the foundations of the simulation product resonate with our members eliciting the latest learning sciences methodologies to maximize their learning experience.

About Ryan Oswald

Ryan Oswald is the head of and founding partner of Northwest Motion Pictures production studio since 2013. Ryan partnered with Chief Landry and a training Chiefs coalition in 2015 to bring their joint performance standards training to life utilizing cinematic grade filming techniques. Through that partnership Ryan and Chief Landry have grown and expanded into the revolutionary new training product you see before you, and are committed to providing the highest quality training to the maximum number of firefighters everywhere.



Full Library Access

When you sign-up your organization is granted access to the website and all of the content within. Structural Fire, Wildland Urban Interface, Urban Search and Rescue,
Haz-Mat and, Operational
simulations with content being added regularly.

No Signup Fees. No Contracts.

At Fire Department SIM Solutions we understood that it was essential to remove as many barriers to entry as we could for fire departments to streamline their access to this critical training tool. We also donโ€™t believe in contracts. We are certain you and your members will love what we provide. No signup fees, no contracts.



At Fire Department SIM Solutions, we want to remain true to our mission, provide the highest quality simulations to every firefighter across the nation. In doing this we needed a price point to reflect this. So we priced access to our site at $10 per suppression member per year


$10 per suppression member PER YEAR

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